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Publié : 13 octobre 2013
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G’day everybody !

Let’s introduce John...

John Maguire is Australian. He is 59 years old.
He can speak English, French, Japanese and Italian.
Floriane, Marine, Henri

He was a teacher of French, he is now a teacher of Japanese and Italian.
He likes French food, like bread and wine !
Salomé, Manon, Camille

He also likes « les pains au chocolat » and cheese !
He says that in Australia there are too many kangaroos.
He likes cooking, singing and hiking.
Emma, Aurélie, Zenaïda

He has seen plenty of tropical animals : tropical fish, kangaroos...
Christy, Joris, Enzo

Australian people love the accent of French people when they speak English !
Tony Abbot is the new man at the head of the state.
Chloé, Clara, Thomas

John is married, he has two children. He lives in Ballarat. Ballarat is about 100 km from Melbourne (or about 70 miles).
He has already been to Melbourne Circuit !
Othilie, Charlotte, Clément

Australian people have stereotypes about us !
We wear a béret every day !
We always carry a « baguette » !
French men LOVE women !
French women are chic !

Some differences between British language and Australian language :

  • a teacher in British English is a chalkie in Australian English
  • a BBQ is a barbie !
  • football is footy
  • Hello” is G’day “mate” !
  • a mosquito is a mozzie
  • breakfast is brekky

There are lots of « y » or « ie » in the Australian language !
Tom, Massimo, Sylvain