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  • Dublin - Day Four - Avril 2015

    Last Day In Dublin...

  • Dublin - Day Three - Avril 2015

    Day Trip Around Dublin.

  • Dublin - Day Two - Avril 2015

    Day 2 : Another busy sunny day in Dublin...
    In the morning we visited The National Museum of Ireland and completed a questionnaire about prehistoric, medieval, Viking Ireland and ancient Egypt.
    In the afternoon we had a tour of the Guinness Museum : the scientific aspect of yeast fermentation is no longer a secret for our pupils !
    See you tomorrow
    The Teachers

  • Dublin - Day One - Avril 2015

    Today, busy day in Dublin, with a questionnaire and a Town Trail !
    First, a very scientific and interesting visit at the National Botanic Gardens.
    Second, in the afternoon, we walked through the streets of Dublin looking for clues. It was interesting but very tiring ! Lots of miles !
    See you tomorrow,
    The Teachers.

  • Welcome to Ireland ! - Avril 2015

    We had a nice sunny trip on the Ferry...although it was a bit bumpy !
    We are all now in our host families, ready for a good night sleep !
    See you tomorrow for great new adventures in Dublin !
    The teachers